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Get 5% off when you spend $35 with Flat shipping & Free Returns*

Schylling Nee-Doh Happy Snappy, Air Filled Fidget Ball | Ages 3+

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The Schylling Nee-Doh Happy Snappy Ball is an air-filled fidget toy designed to stimulate and relax both children and adults. Made from non-toxic materials, the Happy Snappy Ball is safe for ages 3 and up. A great way to relieve stress and boredom, the ball's knobby texture also helps stimulate fine motor skills.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Fun Stress Reliever!

My new favorite stress reliever at work is the Schylling Nee-Doh Happy Snappy Fidget Ball. Squeezing and squishing feels strangely good when I need to unwind or concentrate. It feels fantastic in my hands and has a distinct texture. It's little enough to fit on my desk and serves as a pleasant diversion from lengthy meetings. Strongly advised!

Excellent Quality and Eco-Friendly!

The quality of these Ecosave Bagasse Bowls is impressive. They are resilient enough to withstand the heaviest meals without being soaked. I feel better using these because I know they're made of bagasse. They are ideal for get-togethers where throwaway tableware is required, such as picnics and barbecues.

Great for Everyday Use!

Our family loves these Schylling Nee-Doh Happy Snappy Fidget Balls. My children adore the vivid hues and plush texture of them. They will be captivated for hours with this wonderful sensory toy. These are sturdy and the perfect size for small hands. An essential item for every parent trying to keep their children busy and content.

Perfect for Parties!

Our patio barbecues would not be the same without this Ecosave Tableware Bowl set. I adore how durable and environmentally friendly the bowls are. They were easy to clean up after and held up nicely to both hot and cold food. These are highly recommended for anyone trying to go greener without compromising on comfort.

A Hit at Every Age

For anyone who appreciates tactile stimulation, the Schylling Nee-Doh Happy Snappy is a must-have, regardless of age (5 to 55). I got one for my niece's birthday, and it was so adorable that even the grownups had to pick it up and squeeze it. Because of its adaptability, it's ideal for relieving stress at work, de-stressing before bed, or just killing time with a pleasant sensory experience. It also makes a great gift for any occasion thanks to its bright appearance. Because of its global appeal, highly recommended!