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Get 5% off when you spend $30. Free shipping & Returns* on 50lbs.
Get 5% off when you spend $30.

About us

Can you think of anyone who has not felt the impact of rising inflation in the United States? During the Covid pandemic, I came to realize if there is a collapse in economy, our jobs alone will not suffice to run our livelihoods. We thought we can sell things on the side and start well a typical side hustle. That is when Eclat Trade LLC launched its first online store on Ebay which brought this company to life. We reached best seller status within 6 months. Our average review score is at a 92% rating.

Then as we dive deeper, we realized we are dealing with an everyday consumer that was just like us shopping for everyday essentials, household items, merchandise OR wellness products. Well, that’s pretty much you & I so why not cater to what we all need on a regular basis?

We started to build inventory in our garage and started to sell miscellaneous items which catered small businesses and our everyday consumer. A year into this, we are working with some of the biggest suppliers in the United States and can proudly say our online selling has grown exponentially thanks to the support of our customers.

We understand value matters and so we only provide reputed products you & I can trust. While selling online gives you access to reviews so you can be confident in your purchase, our goal is to continue building inventory along with that confidence to include grocery which you can buy from our own website.

In an effort to work along with the times of today, we want a seamless shopping experience for our customers to continue growing our business.