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RID-X Septic Treatment, 5 Month Supply Of Powder, 49 oz. free shipping

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by RID-X

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Product Description


  • Breaks down waste to help prevent septic backup
  • Easy to use, just add to toilet and flush
  • Helps maintain a free-flowing septic system
  • Safe for all pipes and septic tanks
  • 1 Brand septic professionals have used in their own tanks

About this item

Product details

Protect your septic system with the RID-X® Septic System Treatment Powder (49 oz). Prevent the clogs before they happen. Trusted by septic professionals, it's natural and safe for use with most pipes and septic systems.Keep your septic tank running smoothly with RID-X Septic Treatment. This 5-month supply of 49-ounce powder provides the perfect balance of bacteria and enzymes to break down solid waste. Enjoy free shipping and a hassle-free maintenance schedule for your septic system.

Why Choose the RID-X Septic System Treatment?

The RID-X septic tank treatment helps prevent septic backups** by quickly breaking down solid organic waste. The concentrated powder formula features billions of natural bacteria and advanced enzymes that get to work immediately, feeding on septic waste. Combined with pumping, regular use of RID-X helps maintain a healthy balance of septic bacteria to ensure a free-flowing septic system so you don't have to worry about expensive backups.

Easy to Use

Keep your septic system free with a few quick steps. Simply pour a measured amount into the toilet bowl. Flush twice to completely disperse the solution and you're done. It works even better if it's used just before you go to bed for the night or before heading out for the day. A single box contains 49 oz. of RID-X powder, enough to last for 5 months.

Does the RID-X Septic System Treatment Break Down Any Type of Material?

The RID-X septic cleaner is designed to break down many of the common items found in a septic system. It disintegrates organic household waste like proteins, paper, oils, grease, and detergent.rid-x store, helps prevent septic backups, septic system, septic systems

Does RID-X System Treatment come in other forms?

In addition to the powder, RID-X septic treatment is also available as a liquid or gel pac. All three options contain cellulose, an enzyme that makes quick work of paper waste and vegetable matter. They also contain lipase which breaks down oils, protease for proteins, and amylase for breaking down starch.