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Get 5% off when you spend $35 with Flat shipping & Free Returns*

Falcon Dust-Off Compressed Gas Duster (10oz., 4 Pack)

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About this item

Keep your office and important devices dust-free and functional with the powerful Falcon Dust-Off® Compressed Gas Duster (10oz., 4 Pack). This extremely functional and handy gas duster instantly eliminates debris from tough-to-reach spots which makes it a favorite in homes and offices across the country.

About Falcon Dust-Off Compressed Gas Duster

This pack contains four 10-ounce bottles of compressed gas dusters. Each has a precision horn to access small spaces that folds for storage, as well as a sturdy trigger to release a powerful jet of pure, dry gas. Because it's moisture-free, Falcon compressed gas duster is safe for all surfaces. It's commonly used on keyboards and other electronic devices and is 100% ozone-safe since it contains no harmful CFCs, HCFCs, butane, or propane. Falcon safety products have been made in the USA for over 60 years.

Who Needs Compressed Gas Dusters?

Anyone who values keeping their expensive electronics free from potentially damaging dust and debris. It can be used to help prevent the spread of germs from surfaces that should not be wiped down with wet cleansers. Falcon duster is a staple in many homes as it safely and instantly eliminates possible contaminants from electronics, including Blu-Ray players, laptops, sound systems, flat-screen TV displays and so much more. It's also used in offices and laboratories to keep expensive equipment clean and functional.

Can Falcon Dust-Off Compressed Gas Duster Do Other Things?

Yes! These compressed gas dusters are extremely versatile. Here are some unique ways to safely put them to work around your home or workspace:

  • Clean fabric lampshades with ease
  • Dust picture frames
  • Clean your vacuum's filter
  • Dusting a desk fan
  • Cleaning your glasses
  • Dusting piano keys
  • Dusting fake plants
  • Cleaning trophies
  • Dusting jewelry
  • Dusting vinyl records and record player
  • Cleaning wicker furniture
  • Dusting your camera's lens
  • Cleaning air vents in your home and car

...and so much more! Falcon compressed gas duster is ideal for cleaning a seemingly-endless array of items and devices since it releases a quick jet of gas that is dry and ultra-precise.

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